Social Media: ActX



ActX needed help making their market aware of their genomic decision support and testing. As a pioneering presence in a new field, they were challenged to find ways of spreading the word about their services within the limits of a modest budget.


I identified social media as an opporunity to educate, generate awareness, cultivate relationships and participate in industry discussions. At the time, ActX’s profiles were unfocused and barealy updated. I developed strategies for each platform, initiated paid campaigns, created a more frequent posting schedule, curated content and designed correlating graphics to optimize performance.


  • Twitter reach increased 320%
  • Twitter followers increased 129%
  • Facebook reach increased 1300%

Creating a consistent, thoughtful presence on social media through organic and paid content successfully increased awareness about the company. In a short amount of time, ActX has garnered more attention from experts, thought leaders, existing customers, and patients.