Feature Story: Smart Tan Magazine



Smart Tan, the indoor tanning industry’s most established trade organization, put on an international conference each year. As the managing editor for their magazine, I created content with the goals of increasing registrations and generating pre-conference buzz.


I wrote a profile of the keynote speaker, artist Erik Wahl, as part of a series of feature stories focused on the show. By demonstrating the value of his inspiring perspective, I hoped to convince readers they should attend.


Approximately 2,000 people attended that year’s conference in Nashville, and Erik Wahl gave his presentation to a full house. Attendees rated the keynote as their favorite in the last five years.

“Ashley strives for nothing short of perfection, and she usually hits it. She’s an extremely talented writer and a very effective manager. Since hiring her, our magazine has grown noticeably in quality and deadlines are consistently met. She is definitely an asset and a joy to work with.”
– Chris Cummings, Director of Marketing and Communications, Smart Tan