Buyer Personas: Rake Made



The founders of Rake Made grooming products wanted to reduce assumptions about their potential customers as they went to market. They knew their brand should reflect the average bearded guy, who has facial hair as a result of convenience rather than an elaborate hobby. In order to remain faithful to this vision, they wanted to improve their understanding of the real men who would use their products before building a website or beginning their inaugural marketing campaign.


I conducted user research through phone interviews and curated user-generated content. I identified patterns and preferences that would help segment their potential audiences into archetypal personas. Information including their income, lifestyle, shopping habits, and grooming-related dilemmas would allow the owners to speak with authority and authenticity to their visitors. And because their initial scope was pretty specific, I included suggestions for additional customer segments they should consider for further research.


My research resulted in four initial personas. Presented to the owners in an educational guide, the personas were expanded to include possible benefit copy, blog content ideas, and suggestions for future research.

“‘She gets it.’ Those were the words of my co-founder when we first started working with Ashley in Summer 2015, and they continue to be the simplest and truest way to sum-up the immense value she provides as a strategic consultant. Ashley digs deep to identify and then shape data insights into guidance that’s not only meaningful at a broader planning level, but also truly useful in the day-to-day. If ever there were a handbook on how to contextualize and develop your brand, Ashley will be the one you want to have holding the pen.”
– Jenny Haight, Co-owner, Rake Made